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We are experts in professional translation services

At Tradulingua, we do much more than translating your content: we partner with our clients to provide tailor-made language services. We offer language services in over 50 languages. Quality translations, with native translators and at a competitive rate.

Our services

Whether general, technical or sworn translations, we always rely on native translators specialized in the field of work. We have the widest range of specialization and language combinations on the market.

Specialized translations

Translating a website is not the same as translating a contract or a certificate. That is why we have specialised translators for each sector.

We are aware that the different legal systems have enormous asymmetries that manifest themselves in language and terminology. Our extensive experience in the legal sector, alongside leading international law firms that trust Tradulingua as their external translation department, has enabled us to become a benchmark in legal translation.

For this reason, we only work with professional translators specialised in the field of law who are able to convey the message of the original text accurately and with the exact terminology..

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We are experts in gaming and gambling terminology.

We have been working closely with the most important companies in the industry for more than 20 years, especially with their compliance departments but also translating games, apps and regulations. Our translators undergo an exhaustive quality process and have acquired extensive experience in the sector through Tradulingua, which makes us a safe bet.

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At Tradulingua we are aware that the pillars of a good financial translation are terminological precision, a clear and concise style, and a broad knowledge of text genres.

Our extensive experience in the economic sector, working with financial institutions, commercial banks, insurance companies and leading international consultancy firms, has enabled us to become a benchmark in financial translation.

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We help you to market your products and services in a global market. We know that in order to sell a product or service it is essential to know your target audience… and the way they speak.

We have a team of translators who are experts in advertising translation, transcreation and SEO who will adapt the message of the original text to the culture of the target reader to create attractive and captivating content.

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At Tradulingua, we know first-hand the needs of companies in the industrial sector: precise terminology and a clear and concise style.

We have extensive experience in translating technical documents such as instruction manuals, technical data sheets and patent applications, among many others.

At Tradulingua we have state-of-the-art translation tools and linguists with years of experience in technical translation. Quality, terminological precision and clarity are thus guaranteed by Tradulingua.

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Why choose Tradulingua

We offer translation services adapted to our client’s needs

Customized solutions

We are not just a translation agency, we advise our clients to adopt the solutions that best suit their needs with a wide range of services at their disposal.

Fast deliveries 100% guaranteed

We know that immediate attention to our clients can make the difference in the future of each project. Our great responsiveness allows us to provide a quote and a delivery time as tight as possible in less than an hour.

Exhaustive quality control

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we have developed a quality control system that guarantees the success of all projects.

Optimal quality

We have a large team of certified professional translators with proven experience, as well as the latest translation technology to guarantee success and the highest quality in all projects.

Innovation and technology

Our state-of-the-art translation technology combining Artificial Intelligence and human translation allows us to translate large volumes of words in record time and always with the guarantee of optimum quality.

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