Reach your global audience

Sometimes translating is not enough. 

Even within the same language, there are regional differences in lexis, style and spelling. Especially in the fields of e-commerce, marketing and tourism, the translation process must be accompanied by localisation. Localising content means adapting the translated text taking into account lexical or cultural factors, among many others, with the target audience in mind.

Our localisation services will ensure that the content is natural and appealing to each local audience.

Webiste translation and localisation

Localising is not just translating from one language to another. Content has to be tailored to the specific region, cultural context and audience. To reach a global audience, companies have to ensure that their content has the desired effect on their audience. 

For companies offering hundreds of products or services means having a lot of content to translate and update constantly. Our agility and technology will ensure you have constantly updated content in all languages.

SEO content localisation

Developing websites, applications or games for a global market means having to pay attention to users’ search patterns. Using the right terms can make all the difference in placing your content in the top search rankings. 

To ensure that your content, website, game or app competes well in the target market, our translators will make sure that the keywords used will hit the target in the user’s search. 

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