Finance, banking and insurance

Personalized attention

You will have a dedicated project manager. A person specialised in your field of work, your texts and your terminology, who will provide you with personalised customer service.

Guaranteed deadlines

We will always deal with your queries in less than an hour. We know that in the legal field, deadlines are tight and immovable. Therefore, our philosophy is simple: we adapt to the deadlines set by the client.


Privacy and confidentiality are basic pillars in the legal sector. Therefore, all members of our team adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement that keeps your data secure.

Experts in finance, banking and economy

At Tradulingua we are aware that the pillars of a good financial translation are terminological precision, a clear and concise style, and a broad knowledge of text genres. Our extensive experience in the economic sector, working with financial institutions, commercial banks, insurance companies and leading international consultancy firms, has enabled us to become a benchmark in financial translation. 

Precision and quality, our priorities

Tradulingua has professional translators specialized in the field of economics and finance who are able to convey the message of the original text accurately and with an elegant style. Our exhaustive quality process, led by our project managers, is a guarantee of good results.

Leave it in our hands, we are specialists

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